DARVOLEX - flooring and wall cladding - is a combination of wood fiber and high resistance plastic, obtained by heat treatment. In this process, wood fibers plastic wrap and glue the added improvements and strengthen the best properties of both materials.

Modern flooring DARVOLEX combine aesthetics, comfort of natural wood with the durability and strength of plastic. Used interior or exterior, placed on the floor or walls set as modern or more traditional architectural design products DARVOLEX-D, DARVOLEX-W, DARVOLEX-Fe provide countless opportunities. Opportunities that will grow more in the future with the continuous enrichment of our product catalog.

A brochure with descriptions of Darvolex products (PDF)

Why use Darvolex?

  • Highly resistant to external weather and temperature variations;
  • Do not change your vision for years, no splits, cracks or land;
  • Not be needed to be painted, varnished or baytsva;
  • Place easily and quickly cleaned with a brush and water;
  • It provides better grip and not slip;
  • Very high level of hardness and strength;
  • Protection against mold, mildew and insects;
  • Kind of touch and smell like natural wood;
  • Eco-friendly product does not contain harmful substances, does not pollute and destroy the environment;
  • A diverse range of colors and relief meet the requirements of each customer;
  • Production and delivery in the shortest time;
  • Manufactured in Bulgaria and accompanied by a guarantee;
  • Comfort, luxury and practicality at an affordable price


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