Darvolex-Fe (fence)

Darvolex-Fe (fence)

Darvolex-Fe - Beauty and solitude”
The perfect fence should do more than just outlining the boundaries of your property. It should be an extension of your home.

Darvolex-Fe is an extremely stylish finishing touch to your yard at the same time providing the desired warmth and comfort. Durable and stylish fence Darvolex conveys a sense of security and at the same time is an indicator of the aesthetic taste, wealth and prestige. Design possibilities are endless, and the fence you need very little maintenance.

Technical information

System DARVOLEX-Fe is easy to install and able to realize all your design ideas.
Counting joint or not you receive or decorative fence.
Profiles Darvolex-Fe secured against UV radiation, not splitting, warping or cracking, making the system extremely resistant fence of Foreign weathering.
Unlike solid wood, with installation does not need to be forged, planed or fitted.
Darvolex-Fe is treated with standard wood tools.

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