Darvolex-D (decking)

Darvolex-D (decking)

DARVOLEX-D is a decorative flooring generic: parks and garden balconies, terraces and porches, pools, piers, natural and artificial water bodies, garden paths, benches, beds, borders and much more. Flooring DARVOLEX - D e the ideal solution for you, guaranteed to stand the test of time. We offer time-tested six colors: walnut, chestnut, mahogany, ebony, gold oak and our pride WHITE - Darvolex.

Golden Oak Chestnut Walnut Ebony Mahogany


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Colors | Treatments: Sanding, Embossing

The installation of DARVOLEX-D is very easy thanks to the specially designed decking profiles and clips. The gap between two decking profiles does not allow water to remain on the surface. The sub-structural profile provides the necessary distance from the ground and facilitates self-airing and dryness. During the installation, DARVOLEX-D does not need to be hammered, planed or fitted unlike hardwood. DARVOLEX-D could be easily installed and treated with standard timber tools.


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