Darvolex - Accessories

Darvolex - Accessories

DARVOLEX-D is a decorative flooring generic, park and garden balconies, terraces and porches, pools, piers, natural and artificial water bodies, garden paths, benches, beds, borders and much more.

Flooring DARVOLEX - D e the ideal solution for you, guaranteed to stand the test of time.

We offer time-tested six colors: walnut, chestnut, mahogany, ebony, gold oak and our pride WHITE - Darvolex.

Warranty    Warranty card    ISO 9001:2008

New subjected profile decking can be divided in two separate parts to be used for the P-section of fence panels, Openwork, flowerpots and many other projects for both external and internal use.

L - profiles (35/35 mm. And 35/65 mm.) Finished object and transmit aesthetic appearance of your every project. Edging doors and windows, hidden cameras and rack decking systems.

Clips for decking systems (metal and plastic) from Darvolex not only implemented very successfully concealed installation of your outdoor flooring, but also provide seamless linear extensions of the WPC product Darvolex and prevent distortion and warpage in time.


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