About us

DARVOLEX Ltd is a Bulgarian company.

Adopting the most innovative and advanced technologies known worldwide Darvolex Ltd. became the first and so far only manufacturer of wood-polymer composites in Bulgaria managed to meet European quality standards by 2012 accumulated during this period, direct experience and continuous improvement the formula of DARVOLEX they became a leading product of Bulgarian and European market for wood-polymer composites.

Our customers know that if they do once problems arise, they will be resolved immediately with the manufacturer recommendations, which stands firmly behind its product and reputation rather than impersonal company from across the world. A team of specialists are ready to discuss client requirements, asisitrat in choosing the right flooring or wall cladding, as well as to draft with optimum conditions for you.


Darvolex Ltd.
Plovdiv 4004, Bulgaria
Bypass road 15А
E-mail: info@darvolex.com

Transplast Ltd
Plovdiv 4004, Bulgaria
Bypass road 15А

Sales Department
Tel.: +359 32 69 00 47
Fax: +359 32 69 11 77
Mobile: +359 89 6 692 366
E-mail: sales@darvolex.com

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